Journal Structure

Sociological Science is a not-for-profit journal. Revenue-generating activities are geared toward covering operating expenses, and ensuring the long-run sustainability of the journal. The journal will strive to keep costs as low as possible, in a manner that is consistent with the operation of a high-quality scholarly journal.


Sociological Science is owned and governed by the Society for Sociological Science, a non-profit membership organization incorporated in the State of Massachusetts, Sarah A. Soule, President. The mission of the Society for Sociological Science is to promote and advance scientifically oriented sociological research and scholarship. The Editor-in-Chief of Sociological Science is appointed by the Society.

Revenue sources

Sociological Science is an open-access journal, meaning that readers are not charged for access to or use of the journal’s contents. Authors, moreover, retain copyright under a Creative Commons license, and can use and reprint their papers as they see fit, without charge. As an open-access journal, it meets the access standards now required by an increasing number of university employers and of  research funded by federal grants.

Each submission will be charged a modest submission fee.

Accepted papers will be charged a publication fee to offset the costs of copy-editing, site maintenance, etc., and to support the journal’s activities.

All submission and publication fees may be waived for students, for scholars from developing countries, and for others who demonstrate economic hardship. All fees are subject to change.