Editorial Team

The editorial team at Sociological Science consists of an Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editors, and Consulting Editors. Members of the editorial team are chosen based on their demonstrated expertise in one or more areas of sociological research, their active engagement in research, and their commitment to the principles of Sociological Science.



Jesper Sørensen
Stanford University

Deputy Editors


Delia Baldassarri
New York University


Stephen L. Morgan
Johns Hopkins University


Gabriel Rossman


Mario Small
Harvard University


Olav Sorenson
Yale University


Sarah Soule
Stanford University


Kim Weeden
Cornell University

Consulting Editors

  • Ari Adut, University of Texas – Austin
  • Jennie Brand, UCLA
  • Richard Breen, Oxford University
  • Forrest Briscoe, Penn State University
  • Neal Caren, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Glenn Carroll, Stanford University
  • Shelley Correll, Stanford University
  • Felix Elwert, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Roberto Fernandez, MIT
  • Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, London Business School
  • Jeremy Freese, Stanford University
  • Filiz Garip, Cornell University
  • Amir Goldberg, Stanford University
  • David Harding, UC-Berkeley
  • Heather Haveman, UC-Berkeley
  • Peter Hedström, Institute for Analytical Sociology,  Linköping University
  • Henning Hillmann, University of Mannheim
  • Brayden King, Northwestern University
  • Robert Mare, UCLA
  • Deborah Minkoff, Barnard College
  • James Moody, Duke University
  • Ted Mouw, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Kelly Musick, Cornell University
  • Devah Pager, Harvard University
  • Andrew Papachristos, Yale University
  • Trond Petersen, UC-Berkeley
  • Damon Phillips, Columbia University
  • Lincoln Quillian, Northwestern University
  • Ray Reagans, MIT
  • Arnout Van de Rijt, SUNY-Stony Brook
  • Marc Schneiberg, Reed College
  • Patrick Sharkey, New York University
  • Sandra Smith, UC-Berkeley
  • Katherine Stovel, University of Washington
  • Florencia Torche, Stanford University
  • Christopher Uggen, University of Minnesota
  • Steve Vaisey, Duke University
  • Andrew Walder, Stanford University
  • Klaus Weber, Northwestern University
  • Robb Willer, Stanford University
  • Christopher Winship, Harvard University